Fukagawa, downtown Tokyo, walking tour (4h)

This tour covers popular sightseeing spots in Fukagawa, Downtown Tokyo; Tomioka Hachimangu shrine, Fukagawa Fudoson temple, and Kiyosumi Garden. Through this tour, you can see a beautiful Shinto shrine and experience a sacred Buddhist ritual at the Fukagawa Fudoson temple, and amble in a Japanese garden. Also, you can enjoy Japanese food for lunch.

< Highlights >

  • Tomioka Hachimangu shrine (See a vermilion main hall and a sumo monument)
  • Fukagawa Fudoson temple (See a Fire ritual and various Buddhist statues)
  • Approach to the temple (See shops of sake etc. and have lunch) 
  • Kiyosumi Gardens (Amber in the quiet and beautiful gardens)

< What you can expect in this tour >


Enjoy this half-day tour! We will visit the following spots.

1. Tomioka Hachimangu shrine

This shrine is dedicated to the god of battle, Yawata no Kami, who is said to grant any wishes. So, many people make offering, bow twice, clap hands twice, pray silently, then bow once at the end, in front of the vermilion main hall. 

Visitors must see Japan’s best portable shrines decorated with gold, silver and diamonds, as well as a monument on which names of  sumo champions throughout history are engraved. 


2. Fukagawa Fudoson temple

This temple features a special Buddhist ritual called Goma purification ritual. Many monks perform the ritual using drums, fire, and chanting. People’s prayers are offered to the old statue called Fudomyoo or Immovable Wisdom King in front of the fire.

In side of the main hall, there are various displays of artistic Buddhist statues and paintings. They are so beautiful that you would feel in another world. If you like to see Buddhist art, this place is ideal.


3. Approach to the temple 

Along the approach to the Temple, there are many kinds of shops selling souvenirs, sake, kimono, and variety of Japanese food.

You can have lunch here, and then walk to the Kiyosumi Gardens.



4. Kiyosumi Gardens

This garden is one of popular Japanese gardens in Tokyo. It is a large strolling landscape garden featuring paths around ponds. Mounds of earth, rocks, and trees are placed around the ponds in order to create miniature reproductions of natural scenery. Colorful carp fish swim in the ponds, which introduce additional color and life to the garden.


<Important information>

Meeting point:   At Monzen-nakacho station of subway

Finishing point:   At Kiyosumi-shirakawa station of subway

Stating time:  10 am (recommended, flexible)

Duration : 4 hours

Language : English

Tour type : Private tour (only for you) with a licensed guide

Number of guests : 1~5

Others: Comfortable shoes are recommended.

A taxi can be used from the Fukagawa Fudoson to Kiyosumi Gardens. (About 700 JPY/group)


(1~2 persons)  18,000 JPY                        

(3~5 persons)  20,000 JPY

 Child (0~6):free

< Including >

guiding fee, transportation fare of the guide


< Not including >

  • entrance fee of Kiyosumi Gadens (you):  General: 150 JPY, 65 or over: 70 JPY, Child: free
  • lunch (you and guide)

< Others >

Some shops do not accept a credit card, so please bring Japanese yen for souvenirs and so on.