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Hello. My name is Eiichi and my nick name is Eddy.  So, please call me Eddy because Eiichi is difficult for visitors to pronounce.

I am a licensed English speaking guide certified by Japanese government. 


I was born and live in Chiba prefecture, which is next to Tokyo and I have worked in Tokyo for more than 20 years. So, I know Chiba and Tokyo very well. My hobby is ceramic art, golf, and Zen meditation, and I like traveling and reading history books. Based on these experience and knowledge, I will introduce Japanese culture and history.

( See my blog which covers various information including sightseeing spots, culture, history, and more.)


I used to work as an engineer for one of major electronic manufacturers which exports communication systems and components to overseas. Through the job, I visited many countries including New Zealand where I fortunately stayed for four years with my family. I have found it fun to communicate with people in other countries. So, after my recent retirement, I started to work as a licensed guide interpreter.  


I’m looking forward to meeting visitors who are interested in Japanese beautiful nature, unique culture, variety of foods or history.


Business name:     GBAC

Service:  Tour guide, Interpretation, Consultation

Address: 6_Chome Tsudanuma Narashino-shi Chiba, Japan

Tel:   090-2315-9172

Member of the Narashino chamber of commerce & industry

< What is a licensed English speaking guide? >

A licensed English speaking guide is a professional guide and interpreter approved by the Japan Tourism Agency of the Japanese government. The licensed English speaking guide has passed tough examinations and is highly knowledgeable about history, geography, and general information of Japan.

< Countries of guests >

Since I started guiding in 2015, I have guided more than 200 groups who came from various countries including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania as the following national flags.