Merits of Sento


■ 炭酸泉







■ Carbonic acid spa

It can promote various effects by promoting bloodstream with the slight carbonic acid which melted into hot water.

It is called "hot water of the heart" in home Germany and Eastern Europe, and it has been used for treatment of illness from ancient times.

If you expect longevity and health, the carbonic acid bath is recommended which is said to have the power to increase bloodstream 4 times higher by only five minutes bathing.

■ 炭酸風呂の特徴

















■ Characteristics of Carbonic acid bath


●It is said that carbonic acid lowers blood pressure by widening blood vessel and reduces a heart burden.


●It lowers blood sugar level and it is expected to get protective efficacy for diabetes.


●It is said to prevent cerebral infarction with blood as a rustle.


●It is said to hasten the lactate decrease causing arthralgia and the muscular pain by carbon dioxide absorbed to a body.


●The improvement of bloodstream prevents your hair from falling.


●The hot water is the lotion bath which is luxurious with subacidity of ph4 .5.


●It is said that there are humidity retention characteristics of 3.0 times in comparison with normal hot water.


●Your nerve is relaxed and you can expect a sound sleep effect.