Tips to enjoy in Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort consists of Tokyo Disney Land (TDL) and Tokyo Disney Sea(TDS). Its name starts with Tokyo, but it actually located in Chiba prefecture, very closed to Tokyo.


Of course, TDL and TDS are very popular and always crowded. 

There are some tips to enjoy there efficiently.


■ Reservation of restaurant


You can make reservation of Priority Seats at some restaurants in Disney Sea and Disney Land on the official web site from one month before. There seems to be some seats which can be booked on that day, too.

Without reservation, you should have lunch before 11:00 or after 14:00. 




FASTPASS is a service to get priority to enter the attraction which a guest registers beforehand.

When you enter the gate of Disney Land or Disney Sea, you should register a FASTPASS of your most favorite attraction. Then until the reserved time, you enjoy uncrowded attractions. 

Regarding how to resister a FASTPAS, please ask a staff there.


■ World bazaar (souvenir shops)


Souvenir shops are crowded after 15:00 and just after a parade. 

Attractions are less crowded after 15:00, because many go to shops before going home.



I hope this information helps you.